About us

The M Architect Ltd. was founded in 2003. Among the founders there are Csaba Molnár and his pupils, Dénes Halmai and Viktor Szentkuti. Csaba Molnár is giving lessons nowadays as well at the Department of Design at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where working together started in the atelier with tenders when the teacher-student relationship began to form a studio.
Comprehending the language of architecture and it's tools as well as the use of it as an aid to make everyone be able to understand it are important to us. This requires maximalism in every way from the very first idea until the deliverance of the building. It is our goal through our work.
After numerous plans, tenders and realised projects the atelier celebrates it's 12 year anniversary. During this time we gathered a significant amount of experience in design and refurbishment of historic monuments, buildings in a historic environment and educational buildings. Among these are the main building and campus of the Budapest University of Technology and Economy by Alajos Hauszmann or the Esterházy Palace in Fertőd, Hungary.